Friday, May 3, 2013

Who is the father of Henry Weaver VAN SYCKLE?

Henry Van Syckle died near San Jose in 1903.
His estate was valued at over $50,000.
I have a biography on Henry Weaver Van Syckle, as well as his obituary, but I have been stuck on his ancestry for a long time now.

The biography lists his birth place as New York (born on the Mohawk River) on March 12, 1830. The oldest of three children, Henry's father died when he was just a boy.  The bio lists that his mother remarried when he was nineteen, and then Henry moved out west with his uncle, Solomon Hasbrook Burger.  And so I have assumed his mother's maiden name was Burger.

I have found his mother only in the 1880 census (San Jose, Santa Clara Co. CA) as M. A. VAN SYCKLE, age 70, born in New York.  Others in the household are Henry, his daughter Pearl, a male listed as "D. BURGEAR", a female listed as "L. BACKAM", a male "Array BACKAM", and Henry's mother, "M. A. VAN SYCKLE". 

What I am hoping to discover is the following:
  • M. A. Van Syckle in other census records (of course a death record, bio, etc. would be just great!)
  • Whether or not "D. BURGEAR" in the 1880 Census a Burger, and specifically, if he is David Henry Burger (1834-1911, son of Abraham Garrison Burger and Mary BEASMER).
  • Whether or not "L. BACKAM" is Henry's sister.

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I am happy to see your blog as my grandmother was a Van Sickle as well, and I have great interest in researching her elusive past.

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Hello! I am happy you stopped by. I run a Van Sickle family site through Facebook. Hope you stop by:

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