Sunday, January 27, 2013

An Index Is Great, But An Image Is Better

A few years back, released the Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002.  Finally, I was able to track down the marriage dates for my dad's grandparents, James and Nannie Brown.  I learned that they were married in May 1902, which was about the time I had expected.  Great!  The end.

Well, it would have been the end if I hadn't bothered to click on the image, and instead just relied solely on the index.  What I found on the image was a very nice surprise.  To the left of the marriage record were two little notes, one written by the father of the bride, and one written by the father of the groom, giving consent to the marriage.  Here is the note written by Henry Deardorff:

"To the Honorable Circuit Clerk of Cedar County Mo.  
Greeting this is to certify that I have given my consent to the 
marage (sp) of my daughter to James W. Brown.  
My daughters name is Nanna Christina.
Your truley (sp) Henry C. Deardorff"

When Nannie's sister was married in 1908, both parents signed a consent note:

I have no picture of either ancestor, but I am very happy to have a copy of their signatures!

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