Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My ancestor, Catherine Harshbarger-Deardorff is described beautifully in, "A History of the Descendants of Jacob and Maria Eva Harshbarger of Switzerland":

"She was a woman full of life and energy, even in her old age, ever cheerful and disposed to look on the bright side of all things...She could never be idle, regularly retiring at 9 o'clock and arose at 4.  Her disposition was mild, yet firm.  She never manifested anger...she had little education, but was an intelligent conversationalist, and her memory was so good that she was authority on Scripture, of which she was very fond.  She and her husband were Dunkards and her home was the 'meeting house' for many years.  Her hospitality for strangers and the homeless was unsurpassed...she was among the first to visit the sick and afflicted, her skill as a nurse was well known and her services were more often sought after than that of a doctor."

Mrs. Catherine Deardorff,
from "Faces from the Past" by Beverly Whitaker

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