Saturday, December 19, 2009

Silas Davis

I saw this request at the Mendocino county message board at

Hello: Working on project for Placer Co. Archives tracing people and have found some in Mendocino.
I found this in the Newspaper Vital records on the Mendocino Co. Gen page: Davis, Silas (Si), Death, 3/5/1948, Dispatch Democrat.
This man was in 1920 Census in Santa Rosa, then nothing. No record in CA Death Index. Have finally found this.
I hope someone has access to this newspaper. Please help.

Here is the obituary that you requested. From the Dispatch Democrat, 5 March 1948:

P.S. I researched the California Death Index and Silas is listed, though his birth date is incorrectly listed as 1 April 1944.

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