Tuesday, February 26, 2008

BROWER Family, Mendocino County

Mendocino County is one of the areas in California where do a lot of research. I was working on the MAZE family from this area, and in particular, Laura J. MAZE. She had married Joseph Troll BROWER. According to census records, Joseph was a widower by 1910 (I cannot locate the couple in the 1900 Census). I am unable to find a death date for Laura, which only increases my interest in this family. When I saw this post left at the Mendocino County message board at Ancestry.com, I decided to dig further into the BROWER family in the hope of finding information pertaining to the death of Laura MAZE-BROWER.

I find it interesting that Joseph's father, John Daniel BROWER, named a son after Joseph's father-in-law, Eugene MAZE. This son, Eugene Maze BROWER, died in Nez Perce County, Idaho, an area where my own family had once resided and an area where I also do a fair amount of research. I wonder if there is more than one connection between the BROWER and MAZE families.

So although I am still coming up empty on Laura's death date, I am developing an increased interest (and decent amount of information) on the BROWER family.

NOTE: For more information on Mendocino County families, please visit one of my favorite genealogy websites, Mendocino County Indexes.


Lisa said...

Hi, Jeannie--

I came across your post today about Joseph Troll Brower, and his wife Laura Maze. I see from a post to Ancestry you have discovered my aunt's web site about this family: http://home.earthlink.net/~bleimback/troll.html.

In 1900, Joseph T. Brower and his wife can be found in Oakesdale, Whitman County, Washington, (ed. 105, sheet 10B, line 72.) Laura Maze Brower died in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington, several years later. I do have the exact date, which I'll add later!

Jeannie said...

Hi Lisa!

Thanks so much for the info!

In case anyone wants to link to your aunt's website:


I look forward to hearing from you again soon. Do let me know if I can help with any genealogy research.


Lisa said...

Laura Jane (Maze) Brower died 17 Nov 1902 in North Yakima, Yakima County, Washington as a result of an overdose of morphine according to the Yakima Valley Genealogical Society's newspaper extractions of the Yakima Herald from 18 Nov 1902. Her remains were "sent to Mendocino Calif", and she was survived by her husband, J.T. Brower. Do you know where Laura is buried? I haven't found any mention of her in the Mendocino County Cemetery Index.

Jeannie said...

Thank you so much, Lisa.

I haven't been able to find where Laura is buried. I do know that the cemetery index is incomplete though. Perhaps she is buried in Potter Valley Cemetery. Other MAZE family members are buried there, including her brother, Eugene.

Lisa said...

Hi, Jeannie--

Just came across a fabulous discovery! The location of Laura Maze Brower's burial in the Upper Lake Cemetery in Lake County, California. I also found an obituary and memorial poem published in Ukiah which I will send to you via email.

Mary Thomas-Vickery said...

Hello, I am a descendant of John Daniel Brower, through his oldest son, John Daniel Brower, Jr and first wife. Some of the family is buried in Ukiah, Ca in the Brower family plot. I have been looking for the grave of John Daniel Brower, Sr's first wife. She died in Alameda county sometime around 1859-1861 and I have yet to locate her grave. I know that there a a couple of unknown people buried in the Brower plot in Ukiah, my great aunt Hazel Schultze told me that at least one of them was a wife of another Brower? The easiest way to contact me is via facebook. My name is Mary and I live in Tennessee. Here is the link to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mthomasvickery