Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Though you may think that this blog has become permanently inactive, I've been planning a new direction for it.  I'd still like to fit an obituary in here and there as well as answer a question or two, but I'm eager to begin a new path for this blog. 

Being inactive here doesn't mean I'm being inactive though.  I'm always working on genealogical pursuits.  My time has been focused primarily on transcription work for the LDS, Ancestry.com, and more recently at SFGenealogy.com, as well as keeping very active at Find A Grave.  I also have been adding plenty of obituaries and death certificates at The Van Sickle DNA Group, where I am administrator, and some old Van Sickle articles at one Van Sickle message board at Ancestry.com, where I also am administrator....[takes a breath]...and putting my two cents in to answer questions at another Van Sickle message board at Genealogy.com, volunteering at Newspaper Abstracts, and adding to my 1,000,000 Pioneer Californians Project.  [Breathe, Jeannie!]  Wow, it's no wonder I haven't been here at my blog!!

My own genealogy research has come to a screeching halt.  I'm putting a little money aside for next year to see if I can get my Brown family back another generation, and to see if I can break my Van Sickle brick wall (which must be reinforced with steel).  I'm also organizing my pictures and info. to make a genealogy scrapbook for my two wonderful nephews for Christmas.

Oh, but you're probably wondering what is going to happen with this blog?  I'm going to [finally!] join the Association Of Graveyard Rabbits.  I'm sure Cheryl has given up on me, but I didn't forget my promise to her.  Here's a small preview of what's to come:  one day per week I will drive to some old or desolate graveyard and take some nifty pictures to share.  I've seen some pretty remarkable graveyards and gravestones that I think deserve some more notice.


Karen said...

Sounds like a great direction for your blog and a fun pursuit. I love old graveyards, too.

Cheryl Palmer said...

Wow! What a surprise Jeannie! As if you aren't busy enough! I am embarrassed that I am so behind with my Graveyard Rabbit site. I have great intentions but lately life has been in the way. You go girl! Enjoy the process along the way and I will be seeing ya! You never know, we may just meet in a cemetery one day!

Jeannie said...

Karen- Old graveyards are really fun. If I ever find myself down in Colma, I'll make sure to take some pics of your old ancestors.

Cheryl- I wouldn't be surprised at all if we meet in an old cemetery. I'd really like to venture out to Alameda county. I'd love to see Dublin Cemetery. I know you've been out there. :D