Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fred and Hazel Irwin Abbott from Oakley, Contra Costa Co.

I saw this request at the Contra Costa County message board at

"They both died in Feb of 1973. I am mainly interested in their obits for the names of survivors, and also why they died the same month. They were my aunt and uncle and according to county rules I am not eligible to obtain death certs.

You can reply to me directly at

Thank you!"

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate Hazel's obituary, but I found one for Frederick in the Oakland Tribune:

Oakland Tribune, 11 February 1973
(Please click image to enlarge)

The Contra Costa County Library may be able to locate Hazel's obituary. This is a free service. When filling out the form, you will need to know that Hazel died on the 16th of February.

I also know of no limitation on receiving death certificate from Contra Costa County. You may obtain an Informational Copy of a death certificate online through the California Department Of Public Health. Just click on Application for Certified Copy of Death Certificate and fill in the box for "Certified Informational Copy".

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