Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jensen Family Fresno County

I was contacted through the Fresno County message board at

Hi Jeannie,

My father's paternal grandparents, Soren and Karen Marie Jensen, migrated to the Fresno area circa 1881. His paternal grandfather Jakob Feldvoss arrived there via Ellis Island in 1906 and was followed in the spring of 1907 by his newest wife Elisabeth, and daughter Anna, then in the fall of 1907 by his daughter Helene.
Soren's daughter (oldest child)Sena married Hans Larsen and they had three daughters, one of whom, Karen Marie, married Marko Pestorich and I believe many of the Pestorich family still reside in the Fresno area. Her brother Marius (the youngest and my grandfather) married Helene Feldvoss.
Neil Peter married Mary Stahl, but they were childless.
I am seeking any genealogical info I can get on any of these three families, so any help you are willing to give would be greatly appreciated. If you are of a mind to do so, I have a web page with some info:

And a public tree on

Soren and Karen's Family in America

Thank you,

Jack Jensen

Hi Jack! I have already found a little on your family. For instance, I learned from Marius Jensen's obituary, that his mother had been previously married to a man named NIELSEN, and had a half-brother:

Fresno Bee, 9 March 1931

You don't seem to indicate this half-brother on your family tree. If you have any information on him, I will be glad to see what I can find. Otherwise, I will stick to researching the names that are in your tree.

Thanks for contacting me. I will get back in touch with you very soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannie,
Iam Vivian Jensen, Marius is my granddad, his son Roy is my dad. I called the Mountain View Cemetery, a few months ago, and the lady went to check the head stone and it is H. C. Hansen, Hans Christian. The Nielsen has come up before. I know when when I sent for all the certificate's, death, birth etc., there was a Nielsen connection, but everything I had I sent to cousin Jack. I need to correct Jack, Jakob Feldvoss, is the maternal grandfather. I hope this helped.
Sincerely, Vivian

Vivian said...

Hi Jeannie,
Well I corrected it's my turn. There is a Hans Nielsen buried next to granddad Jensen.

Jeannie said...

Hi Vivian, it's nice to meet you.

Yesterday I found the obituary of your grandfather's sister, Sena LARSEN. It too listed H. C. NIELSEN as a brother.

I received an email from Jack this evening. I think with the updated info he sent to me, I have been able to find out more about Hans Christian NIELSEN. I will send what I found to Jack so he can update his tree.

I'm finding a lot of information right now, especially on the DOSTINICH line. What I will do is send everything to Jack and he can pass it along to you. Or if you prefer, I can put everything on a CD and mail it to you.