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More on the Van Sickles

Returning to my previous post on the Van Sickles, I am now convinced of another child born to John Van Sickle (b.1757)- a daughter named Eleanor.

Information on her birth date, birth place, and death date vary, but there are a couple of known facts:
  • Eleanor became the wife of Michael STOOPS in Hamilton County, Ohio in 1814.
  • The Stoops family moved from Hamilton County, Ohio to Fulton County, Illinois (as did Moses Van Sickle)
Given names are often recycled throughout family lines.  This is especially true in Dutch lines.  But as families moved west and intermarried with different cultures, the strict Dutch naming customs slowly faded away.   In the case of the Van Sickles with an early connection to Hamilton County, Ohio, I can still see remnants of this custom.
  • Moses Van Sickle had a sister named Eleanor.  She was probably named after Eleanor Van Sickle-Stoops.
  • John Van Sickle (1779-c.1855) of Dearborn, and later, Ripley county in Indiana, had a daughter named Edith.  Moses Van Sickle had a sister named Edith.
  • Andrew Van Sickle (1781-1844) of Marion County, Indiana, had a son named Michael, probably named after Andrew's brother.
  • John Van Sickle (b.1779), Andrew Van Sickle (b.1781), and Moses's father, Abraham Van Sickle (b.circa 1780) all had a son named John, all likely named for their grandfather, John Van Sickle (b.1757).
One big mystery I have is that I have a big unknown listed for the wife of John Van Sickle (b.1757).  From what I know, I assume a couple of things about her:
  • She may likely have been named Eleanor or Edith
  • Since John Van Sickle (b.1757) was born in New Jersey, as well as his son John (b. 1779) and Abraham (b. circa 1780), he and his wife were probably married there.  Like John, she may also have been of Dutch descent.  Their marriage record may exist in a Dutch church.
Other mysteries are the Van Sickles that I have not been able to trace successfully and with ties to Hamilton County, Ohio: 

John Milton Van Syckle, born 17 March 1822 in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.  He was married there to Susannah, daughter of Hugh RENSFORD, in 1844.  This family moved to San Joaquin County, California before finally settling in Walla Walla County, Washington.   

Note:  I strongly believe that John Milton Van Syckle is the son of my ancestor, William Van Sickle, and grandson of John Van Sickle (b.1757). 

Permelia Van Sickle, born in Ohio circa 1814.   She was married in Hamilton County in 1834 to Lewis RUNYAN, and had several children there before removing to Bartholomew County, Indiana.   

Note:  I have Permelia as a likely daughter of Gilbert Van Sickle, since both she and Gilbert lived in the town of Colerain in Hamilton County. 

Edith Van Sickle, who married Thomas CLARK in nearby Butler County, Ohio in 1836.  Though I have successfully traced almost all of the other Van Sickles who married in the town of Hamilton in Butler County,  Edith (because of her name) appears to be related to the Hamilton County Van Sickles mentioned here.  She may be the daughter of Abraham Van Sickle (b. circa 1780).   

Note:  Edith Van Sickle has not been shown to be a daughter of Abraham Van Sickle (b.1769) and Nancy CRANE of Butler County, Ohio, whose son, John Van Sickle, married one Mrs. Jane Clark (nee WELCH) in the town of Hamilton in Butler County in 1820, and whose daughter, Mariah Van Sickle, married one Benjamin WELCH (the brother of Mrs. Jane CLARK) in the same town in 1828.  It should be mentioned that Abraham Van Sickle (b. circa 1780), did have a daughter who married in Hamilton, Butler County, Ohio- Sarah, the wife of Joseph Perry GRAY.  After the death of Abraham Van Sickle (b. circa 1780), Joseph's father, Thomas Gray, married Abraham Van Sickle's widow.

P.S.  I wonder if Abraham Van Sickle (b. circa 1780) ever had a chance to sit down with the Abraham Van Sickle (b.1769).  Did they learn that they were both born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey?  Did they discover that both of them had a father named John and that both of their fathers were baptized in the same church?  I wonder if they were able to figure out exactly how they were related (from current unproven research, I have determined the men to be third cousins).  Did they remember relatives from their past, like their Great Uncle Gilbert?  Did they ask each other whether or not the Gilbert Van Sickle of Colerain, Hamilton County was a relative of Great Uncle Gilbert?  (Gilbert Van Sickle of Colerain, was likely the same Gilbert who married one Leane HEATHER in Dorchester County, Maryland.  Gilbert and family moved to Colerain from Maryland circa 1812.  I have no doubt that there is a connection between the Gilbert Van Sickle of Colerain and the Abraham's Great Uncle Gilbert.  My research on the Gilbert/Gysbert lines are very blurred and so I cannot say the exact connection at this time.

Do you find all of the similar names to be confusing?  I find the Dutch naming system to be a charming way of remembering one's ancestors, but as a researcher, I also find it to be a big pain in the backside!

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