Saturday, May 1, 2010

Greengrove Dudley

I saw this request at the Humboldt county message board at

"Looking for information on Orrin Dudley and Greengrove Dudley from Ferndale, CA. Also other's in the family - Thalia Robinson and -----Art? ---Kersaval ( ? spelling?"

I'm not related, but I do have a small amount of information on the descendants of Greengrove DUDLEY and his wife, Mary Ann CUMMINGS.

Serena Genevieve DUDLEY, born 5 December 1870, was married to Leonard HICKS in 1896. Serena died in Mendocino County, CA on 1 February 1947. She had one son, Linus Serenus HICKS (1897-1980).

Flora May DUDLEY, born September 1869, was married to Thomas A. VARIAN in 1895. Their daughter that you mentioned, Thalia (born 17 March 1896), was married to Arthur KERCHEVAL. Thalia died on 16 September 1970. Her obituary below, from the Humboldt Standard, was published on the 19th of the month.

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Wendy Crisp Lestina said...

The Ferndale Museum just published a long article on Greengrove Dudley, his children, and his story. Email me and I'll send you a PDF copy.