Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clyde Weddell Nelson

I saw this request at the Fresno County message board at

"I'm looking for 2 obituaries. One for my great uncle, Clyde Weddell Nelson. He died Aug 2, 1968 in Fresno Co. The second one is for his wife, Bertha May Nelson. She died Jan 30, 1933 also in Fresno Co. I'd appreciate any information you can provide."

To follow is the obituary of Clyde Nelson. From the Fresno Bee Republican, 4 August 1968:

According to the obituary, Mrs. Bertha Nelson was still alive at the time of her husband's death, but just to make sure, I checked the death index. There was no Bertha Nelson that died in California in 1933.

I think that Mrs. Bertha Nelson died in Fresno County on 1 June 1977. The age and birth place given in the death index matches the information on Mrs. Bertha Nelson in the 1930 Federal Census (who was then in San Diego county). Please let me know if I'm mistaken and I'll check my records again.

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