Thursday, April 30, 2009

Off The Boards...On My Family (Just For Today)

With all of the research I do for other people, you'd think my own family tree was complete. Far from it! I thought I'd take a moment and instead of answering a post, talk about all the exciting genealogy related things that have happened to me recently.

1. Really, I couldn't have had a better way of starting off my day today! After I got a very sweet note from Bill VAUGHN at FindAGrave, I felt both very happy and eager to do more research for people. Thanks, Bill! I'm in research mode now. :D

2. I'm still giddy from receiving a copy of a record written by William Edgar BLAKE on his family from Debbie two days ago. William's grandfather, Nehemiah BLAKE, was the second husband of my gggg-grandmother, Rachel JONES. Did I know this before Debbie told me years ago? All I knew is that Nehemiah BLAKE was the step-father of my ggg-grandfather, Stephen VAN SICKLE. I did not know the name of Stephen's mother. This tiny little record is the only proof I have of Stephen's parents (I later learned that Rachel JONES married William VAN SICKLE in Hamilton County, Ohio on 29 January 1818):

And several years of on and off correspondence with Vicki has almost convinced us both that Rachel JONES was the daughter of Stephen JONES and Keziah STRAWN. I'm waiting for the results of a DNA genealogical test that may one day help confirm our suspicions.

3. Speaking of giddy, that's just the beginning of how I feel about the email I got the other night from Sharon. I found the surname of Sharon's ancestor, Nancy (wife of James HEDRICK) and connected her to a descendant of the HEDRICK family. Sharon later wrote a rather beautiful and genealogically impressive essay on her family to document her research and she dedicated the essay to me- of all people! Wow, what can I say!! Truly, I'm beyond flattered.

3. March's TUCKER/CHAPPELL research through the Dade County Genealogical Society proved unfruitful. Not that that Betty didn't work very hard to send me everything she could get her hands on. Sometimes there just any information to be had. I'd highly recommend if anyone has family in Dade County, Missouri, to not hesitate to ask the DCGS for any assistance.

4. April's research in nearby Cedar County, Missouri was a wonderful success. Although a little more money than I wanted to spend, I got the obituaries of my gg-grandparents, Henry BROWN and Frances TUCKER-BROWN. Kay Griffin Snow is so awesome! But I've known that for a long time. I actually volunteer with a book lookup on her website- another place where you can find me.

5. Now back full circle to my VAN SICKLE family: I've finally found a descendant of the VAN SICKLE/GILLESPIE line. Although Karen might as well have said, "What's a Van Sickle?", she's been kind enough to share all she knows on the GILLESPIE family with me. And I'm only too happy to share everything I have with her. And it turns out that we are definitely related because we're so much alike. We love to talk to each other every chance we get. It's great to have found a distance relative, but even better to have found a friend.


Michelle said...

A genealogist's work is never done!

Jeannie said...

You've got that right, Michelle!

How are you doing? How is the Paloutzian research coming along??

Michelle said...

I've been working recently on my mother's mother's side, the Steele family, and today we are heading to the Black Diamond Mines regional park for their Descendent's Picnic. My great-granfather and his siblings were born in Somersville while their father worked in the coal mines there. We are going to meet a cousin we've not met before, should be fun!

Jeannie said...

Oh I am so excited for you! Please let me know how it goes! :D

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