Tuesday, March 25, 2008

KNITTEL Family Burials

I saw this request at the Stanislaus County message board Ancestry.com:


I'm looking for anyone that might know of any Knittel or Knittel related family burials in this county. I believe there a couple in Hills Ferry Cemetery, I was hoping there may be more in other cemeteries. I'm also open to anyone that has any Knittel family burial info in any other counties also.
My e-mail is : glp0426@aol.com (the "0" is a zero)
Glenn Palmer

Thank you for your request, Mr. Palmer. I found the obituary of Ted J. KNITTEL. I hope that it will be useful to you. From the Modesto Bee And News-Herald, 11 December 1974:

I also have information on August KNITTEL (1870-1941) and Max KNITTEL (1882-1941)- two brothers who lived in Fresno county. Please contact me if you'd like information on these individuals.